In 1944, the Jefferson Memorial Fund was established by the will of Elizabeth Bonestell in her name and the name of her husband, Cutler L. Bonestell, for the study and promotion of a loyal and enlightened adherence by young people to the basic principles of American democracy as embodied in the Constitution. The fund supports an annual series of lectures on topics concerned with Jefferson or his times, with the development of the American governmental system, or with civil liberties and the Jeffersonian tradition. Lecturers have delivered Jefferson Memorial Lectures on early American history, on Jefferson himself, and on American institutions and policies in politics, economics, education, and law.

Impact of Political Parties on Congress H. Douglas Price1970
The Jeffersonians in Power Richard Hofstadter1966
The Jeffersonians in Opposition Richard Hofstadter1966
A Constitution Against Parties Richard Hofstadter1966
Party and Opposition in the Eighteenth Century Richard Hofstadter1966
Jeffersonian Democracy and Political Parties: Notes on the Intellectual History of the Virginia Richard Hofstadter1966
Jonathan Edwards: An American Tragedy Peter Gay1966
Cotton Mather: A Pathetic Plutarch Peter Gay1966
William Bradford: Caesar in the Wilderness Peter Gay1966
The Struggle for the Christian Past Peter Gay1966
A Loss of Mastery: Puritan Historians in Colonial America Peter Gay1966
Jeffersonianism and the American Novel: Recent Trends Howard Mumford Jones1964
Jeffersonianism and the American Novel: The Classical Novel in America Howard Mumford Jones1964
Jeffersonianism and the American Novel: The Problem Howard Mumford Jones1964
The Theory of a Viable Republic Benjamin F. Wright1964
An Unsystematic Body of Political Thought Benjamin F. Wright1964
The Many Images of Mr. Jefferson Benjamin F. Wright1964
Jefferson and the Theory of a Viable Republic Benjamin F. Wright1964
Freedom in Industrial Society Raymond Aron1963
Thomas Jefferson as a Political Leader Dumas Malone1962
The Paradoxes of Freedom Sidney Hook1961
The Jeffersonian Tradition in American Education James B. Conant1960
The Great Antagonists: Thomas Jefferson and John Madison Julian P. Boyd1959
Jefferson, Madison, and Hamilton, or the Intellectual Origins of Jeffersonian Democracy Douglas G. Adair1958